Hola, my name is Adolfo. I live in Medellín (Colombia) where I work as an engineering manager for Envoy

I spend most of my time using technology to bring ideas to life.

I do a bunch of things in my free time, some common themes are: riding motorcycles, traveling, reading, writing, coding, running or working on side-projects.

I like to help people, teach and to always be learning.

I learn best by doing, that’s why I tend to have always a side-projet going on.

One day I want to go around the world in a motorcycle with my wife.

Projects and books

Helping you

As I said, I like to help people. Are you looking to:

  • Get a product out.
  • Increase your freelance rates.
  • Get your next job.
  • Beta test your idea.
  • Lose weight.

Send me an email

Not in the list? Ping me and and let’s see if I can help you.

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