I often chat with people in the Stellar Slack who want to build something similar to Venmo and they tend to struggle understanding how different concepts apply for what they are trying to do.

As I wrote in “open source by default?”, I was thinking about open sourcing the backend components which I built for AnclaX. After giving it some thought, I decided that instead of just putting a bunch of repos in the wild, I’m going to take a more structure approach to it. I’ll be writing a mini-book called “Building Your Own Venmo With Stellar” where I’ll be introducing concepts and building components bit by bit. Unlike my previous books/tutorials, this one will be completely free from the beginning and I’ll leave the doors open for XLM tips.

To goal with this resource will be to create a product “similar” to Venmo using Stellar. By the end of the series people should have a better grasp on what’s required to build things on top of Stellar and hopefully have an open source wallet and server which they can use to get started.

I’ll be following a similar approach to what I did with Ember 101, which was making everything available from the beginning - readers will be able to follow through as I write.

The tutorial will be published in the following URL https://blog.abuiles.com/building-your-own-venmo-with-stellar/