I’m available for consulting. If you answer is yes to any of the following questions, then I can help you:

  • Are you working on a startup and need an experienced product engineer/consultant? I’ve done team augmentation, 1:1 tutoring, built products and teams.
  • Are you building something with any of the following technologies: Stellar, Ember.js, React, React-Native, Ruby on Rails, AWS? I have experience with those technologies, plus I can help you build a team to work on your product.
  • Are you interested in growing your team and hiring people remotely? I have built effective remote teams. I can help you find engineers and make sure that everyone is aligned with your goals and your business.
  • Do you need someone to share ideas with and build a quick prototype? I’ve been part of early stage startups as an engineer and manager. I’m happy to help you validate your idea and build something.


As one of the early engineers at Envoy, Adolfo had a huge impact in our engineering team. He cares deeply about things and is always going above and beyond to make things better. He was also responsible for building our product engineering team (fully-remote) which is one of the most effective, welcoming and knitted team I have seen. If you are an early stage company, Adolfo is the kind of person you need in your team.

―Larry Gadea, CEO and Founder - Envoy.

We hired Adolfo as remote contract lead developer for our startup back in 2013, and he was outstanding from the very start. His expertise in RoR and EmberJS are outstanding, and he took a keen interest in our product, how our customers used it, and Adolfo was always proactive in suggesting both product and technology improvements. We truly enjoyed working with Adolfo, stayed in touch after he left, and I would recommend Adolfo for any technology project in a heartbeat.

―Jon Williams, Fractional CTO & co-founder - New York CTO Club.

We hired Adolfo when From the Farmer needed to scale. He was reliable, great at communication, proactive and always asking the right questions to help us solve our customers problems. He was open to giving us product advice and even helped us put together a team of remote engineers, many of whom we still work with today. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Adolfo again for any future projects for From the Farmer or any other venture / idea.

―Jason Lundberg, President - From The Farmer.


Get in touch: [email protected]