We all rush through life torn between a desire for the future and a weariness for the present.


One of the questions that I hate the most is: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years”.

I was unhappy for a long time seeing my “5 years” plan not getting fulfilled and getting out of my hands.

Most of the time we are rushing our lives to get to that future, but we don’t really have control over many things. Being a millionaire, building a company, getting a house; Those were some of the things that I had in my 5 years plan but I couldn’t really control, some of them can’t be timed and require a lot of things to play in your favor.

Through reading about stoicism and talking with friends, I changed my goals and realized that material stuff isn’t and would never be a good goal to have in life.

My answer to the question above today is “Happy, alive, helping others and have optionality.”

As I write this, I’m still alive and probably will be tomorrow. I have control over my happiness and helping others, and have the options to do the things that I want.

I don’t longer focus in five years but rather what I have in front of me and how can I control that to be happy.

I didn’t start a company, but I’m helping to build a company which is selling millions of dollars and growing a great team. I’m not a millionaire, but get pay in a fair way to do my job and I have the option to do the things that I want.

People are rushing through life, chasing their five years plan, being unhappy about not being there and comparing against others; Instead of enjoying life, the opportunities and the things that they have and can control today.

I’m still ambitious, I still push for things. Some day I still wan to work on my own ideas, but I’m not longer unhappy for not having that today.

Thanks to my wife and my friend Rafa, for being there every time I’d freak out about life.