Over a year ago I started to work on a book then called ember-cli-101. This was a crazy experiment on my end, I didn’t have any writing experience, started to sell the book without finishing it, and committed to keep it up to date with the latest Ember version.

With almost 3000 readers today, the book was a total success, people loved it and it helped them to get started with Ember which was my main goal.

Today I want to make a stronger commitment with the Ember community and make my book accessible to everyone. To achieve this I’m dropping the price on leanpub to $0, so money won’t be a problem if you want to learn Ember, while still allowing other people to pay whatever they think is worth (I’m suggesting $9.99). Also, I’m renaming the book to “ember-101” since it is not really a book about ember-cli but a book about Ember.

Oh, and as I say it in the title, I’m releasing my book under a creative commons license so everyone can suggest edits and together craft the best book about Ember!

You can find the source code of the book here https://github.com/abuiles/ember-101 and download it from leanpub https://leanpub.com/ember-cli-101.

I want to thank everyone who bought the book, without you I wouldn’t be able to do this. Thanks for helping me spread the Ember love around the world!