Recently ember CLI updated its tests blueprints to match QUnit’s 2.0 upcoming syntax. Meaning that if we wanted to live on the edge we would need to update our existing tests to match such changes or ignore the changes to tests/.jshintrc and continue using globals.

As an early adopter I decided to upgrade my test, the first time I went old school with perl and xargs running commands like:

find  . -type f | xargs perl -pi -e "s/ deepEqual\(/assert\.deepEqual(/g"
find . -type f | xargs perl -pi -e "s/'\, function\(\)/', function\(assert\)/g"a

The command above worked fine on the first try but it was mostly because I run it on a personal project and I knew that nothing else would match something like '\, function\(\)/ when referring to test('foo', function() { ...

Part of my consulting work is helping my client’s teams stay in the flow while also living on the edge, if there is an ember CLI release, they wanted it. If there is an Ember or Ember-Data release, they want it.

So naturally they also wanted to upgrade to ember-cli 0.2.0-beta.1, but the regular expressions were not working properly for all scenarios.

Instead of wasting time making my regex work for every different situation I decided to take a different approach and write an addon to do the work for me without relying on regular expressions but, manipulating the syntax tree directly with recast’s help.

The basic idea is that once the addon is installed I could then do something like ember watson:upgrade-qunit-tests and get the job done.

Enter ember-watson

ember-watson is a doctor tool distributed as an addon or CLI which you can use to help you fix different parts of your code.

Right now it only includes the command upgrade-qunit-tests which will fix your QUnit tests to have the right syntax.

To use with ember CLI run npm install [email protected] --save-dev and then you can do ember watson:upgrade-qunit-tests getting all your tests fixed.

If you are not using ember CLI you can use it too, check the instruction here.

What’s next for ember-watson?

Next I’d like to add support to update Ember Data finds so we don’t have to worry about changes on the API, I think this one will be a bit more trickier but not impossible, if you want to contribute you can find the repo in

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