In June I was traveling to Patagonia and had problems sleeping in the plane. I opened notes in my iPhone and started to write what became the first 2 chapters of an Ember.js book with ember-cli.

A lot of traveling came after that and then after finally settling back in my home country, I decided it was time to continue. I started to talk about it to friends and putting it on Twitter and Reddit but I never did an official release until this day.

During the last months I’ve been working on ember-cli-101 which is a book to teach people Ember, we build a real world application from scratch to deployment, covering the 3 main components of the Ember ecosystem: Ember, Ember-Data and ember-cli.

Things are moving fast in Ember world and that’s why I have decided to make this a living book, I’ll keep pushing updates for new releases, now with 2.0 coming, I’ll start to edit the book so people write their applications with 2.0 in mind.

I want to thank all of you who bought my book trusting I would finish it and the whole Ember community for being supportive during this time.

Book + Online workshop

As part of the book I’m also doing an online workshop where I personally give guidance to people reading the book + online sessions of Q&A, I plan to do 1 batch monthly, the first starts tomorrow, you can enroll buying the workshop package in